Plan to renew textiles: cushions and curtains that transform your home for very little

The decoration of a home is not only based on the color of the walls, floor coverings and furniture, there are dozens of accessories such as fabrics that play a very important role. Through cushions, curtains, carpets and comforters we manage to condition our house creating spaces with personality and comfort.

Discover how to renew your textiles with Leroy Merlin, using only cushions and curtains you will transform your house in a very economical way and with almost no effort, you can renew the appearance of a bedroom, without making a single reform!

Transform the decoration of your living room with four cushions

The cushions are essential elements to change the decoration of your home, with them you can turn around in an afternoon the look of your living room almost effortlessly And if that were not enough with a very low budget.

Renew the cushion covers, mix colors and prints with plain fabrics, and try to provide nuances through their textures and materials. Choose a color that is repeated in all of them, and another that contrasts with the color range of furniture and fabrics in the room, so you can combine different types of prints harmoniously.

Dress your home with curtains that touch the floor

The curtains, in addition to their decorative and aesthetic qualities, provide comfort and protect us from cold, heat and sun. There are thousands of possibilities, applications, designs, fabrics and prints, but whatever you decide, the best advice is that it is an easy disassembly system to be able to clean them without stress.

One of the Trends of the moment to get this cozy homely touch is to install very long curtains, which rest on the floor, no matter the decorative style this resource fits in all looks to perfection.

Gradients in bright tones in a Boho Chic atmosphere

The curtains not only decorate our windows, they also minimize the defects of our home. It is highly recommended to use in small spaces or with low ceilings, curtains with vertical striped patterns or colors that contrast with the tone of the wall.

We have a good example in the combination of photography, which plays with the degraded effect of white to indigo blue in curtains and pillows to create a delicate Boho Chic style bedroom. Thanks to its design with the dark gradient at the ends we get to see the wider space.

For a lookbook urban and cosmopolitan

In urban apartments we do not have to give up the comfort of textiles, we can achieve the minimalism and simplicity of this style through a very short color palette based on neutrals, with few furniture and straight and sober lines.

Look at this cozy room where stone gray predominates, in addition to adding contrast and luminosity to the space use the color white on some walls, on the floor and on furniture. The curtains and cushions go to match to create this sober atmosphere and design we are looking for. In this case, textiles merge with the environment, without taking center stage, for this choose curtains and cushions in neutral and smooth tones.

Textured linens in neutral tones for an elegant Shabby Chic home

Shabby Chic homes are one of the most welcoming, and that is the protagonists are textiles, natural materials and some dilapidated furniture. Place large cushions on the floor, spread cushions in armchairs, chairs and sofas, and combine colors, patterns and formats, as we see in the picture.

If you are looking for a feminine and sweet home, it is advisable to use floral, vichy and striped patterns in red or blue tones mixed with bone and light gray tones. But if you prefer the elegance of the English countryside, then choose textured linens in neutral tones and without prints.

Change the look of your bedroom adding some cushions

The cushions are almost essential decoration elements in certain places of the house, they are basic to dress and give warmth on the living room sofa, as we have seen at the beginning of the post, and in the bed of your bedroom.

The cushions can be a fundamental and decisive element when it comes to helping to give personality to our bed. Bet on the variety of sizes, materials, shapes, prints and play with colors of your sheets, curtains and blankets, to create harmonies, contrasts and chic touches, with this you will get a more space to your liking and current, in which to relax and feel "between cottons", a good example of this is the beautiful bedroom that It appears on the cover.

Geometric patterns in pastel colors for a Nordic apartment

As we saw in Pastel colors in autumn? The renewed vintage will conquer you, one of the decorative trends of the moment are pastel tones, and geometric motifs. They create a serene atmosphere, full of design pieces that convey a sweet personality and luminosity to your home.

Now it is the turn to apply these colors and prints on curtains and cushions, do not abuse the prints, and combine them with other plain cushions in pastel tones, try to have a couple of colors as a common denominator, which are repeated and at the same time contrast in set.

Cushions the bedroom of the kids

We already know how they are the smallest of the house, restless and unruly, what they like best is to go around the floor, so it is best to fill the floor and the corners of cushions, designing beautiful corners of games and reading. Help yourself from some muslin curtains to create environments and separate areas.

Cushions and curtains are a great ally, and they have the power to transform a space. You could verify that It is very easy to bring life to our home with very little effort, especially if you have a choice, on the Leroy Merlin page you will find an extensive catalog of curtains and cushions for all budgets.

Just by mixing cushions in the living room with those in the bedroom, you will feel that there is something new in your home. From a good combination of colors and patterns, we can focus our attention on points such as the bed and the sofa, and fill the living space, character and warmth, making each stay seem more comfortable and cozy.

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