Kitchen furniture, with or without handles? the question of the week

One more week we dedicate one of our articles to decorative doubts. Today our question of the week talks about cooking and in particular of furniture handles. Every time we see more kitchens without handles and we would like to know if you also think it is good to do without them or if you are more traditional in that regard.

Kitchen furniture, with or without handles?

Everything has its pros and cons and can even be a matter of taste, but maybe from your experience you can tell us In our section answers if you like more than kitchen furniture have conventional handles or dispense with them and have a more modern opening system.

Last week's question: Built-in cistern With or without shelf?

Last week instead of the kitchen we focused on the bathroom and tried to answer the question of one of our readers about the built-in cisterns. Remember that next week, along with a new question, we will publish the most valued answers to today. From last Wednesday's question we are left with the answers from ursulacucala and virutasdd respectively:

I think this cistern system looks better without the "regrowth" of the wall. In generously sized bathrooms it would be my choice, but if your bathroom is less than 2 meters wide and you need extra storage, I do not see a shelf badly (a shelf, not a "drawer" that highlights the toilet as I have seen in some site). With good lighting and the right choice of materials will be interesting. There is also the option of making a "tear" illuminated on the wall (recreating again at a certain height).

I think it depends on the bathroom: in my case I would appreciate having the shelf because the cup is encased and to decorate that area we have no choice but to take advantage of the wall or put some detail on top of the cistern itself. If you are not messy and you like the decoration a bit, I would put a shelf, but if your bathroom is spacious and you have a good piece of furniture, it may not look good and in the end you accumulate useless things.

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