Open doors: bright house in Barcelona with sculpted central core

For days I have saved the photos of this house for publication and I was looking forward to seeing you. It is an apartment located on a farm of the fifties of the upper area of ​​Barcelona. The plant is square, about 250 m2 and the owners wanted in the reform customers required in the reform, carried out by the study of Sergi Pons, a large number of rooms and bathrooms.

The result is impressive, a central core of square geometry in plan that contains the elements of communication, the accesses, the laundry room and a patio that illuminates the access and the kitchen was redrawn. The circulation of the entire floor runs around that vertebral element going from more public spaces to more private spaces in a natural way, without doors.

The main space of the house as far as living areas are concerned, is divided into three fundamental pieces: the living room, the dining room and a work space. To differentiate these spaces, two filters were created, the first as a wooden bookcase, in the first photo of this article, and the second as a wall containing the bar-cabinet.

As you can see in the images, it is used the oak in the form of slats for the central core and salon doors to emphasize its pure geometry and at the same time to give warmth along all the possible routes.

The kitchen is one of the main elements of the house, is designed as a large, continuous blank bar, which extends along seven meters in length, there is nothing! And that generates the work space and the breakfast table. The central element is used to integrate the ovens and the wine cellar.

In the kitchen contrasts the warmth of the existing billet wall painted in white with the gray concrete floor and the new central core covered in wood. A very balanced material set which gives rise to a set as elegant as it is cozy.

In general, the entire home is intended, through pure geometries of different materials and textures, generate endless spatial, visual relationships and transparencies that are truly amazing and original. On a functional level it can be a normal house, like the one we all imagine, but in distribution and arrangement of the spaces, as well as in appearance and in combination of finishes it is really original. Don't you think?

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