Not only blue and pink for the kids' rooms: the colors of the season

Yes The time has come to redecorate your child's bedroom, one of the crucial points to consider when designing it is to decide on a color palette, which will help you organize and give life to the space.

And is that there is life beyond blue for boys and pink for girls, find out in this post Leroy Merlin dedicated to the colors of new trends, is loaded with great ideas for your children to have a great time.

Deciding on a decorative style will help you define your color palette, the bright pastel colors of the look Nordic are very different from children's bedrooms black and white graphics. Take a look at the most current trends to decorate a children's or baby bedroom, will help you decide.

A romantic and dark palette for the Bohemian Chic style

Although it is the darkest style is also the most welcoming and magical of all, It is characterized by using a very wide color palette in which the purple, gray, earth, eggplant and garnet tones with some mustard, emerald, turquoise touch stand out.

To create this special and magical space, in addition to color help yourself with indirect, dim and yellow lighting through intimate, small and very warm lights scattered throughout the space, from garlands that illuminate walls and shelves to small points of light scattered on the floor and the bed.

The bohemian chic or rustic chic style is next to the graphic style the trend of the moment, as for boho it is a decorative style inspired by the romantic and decadent aesthetic with a look gipsy mixed with Victorian touches, antique or simply old pieces, furniture from the eighties and some other current object.

Apply the varied color palette on all the decorative elements of the bedroom, do not be afraid to mix so many shades, give color to delicate crochet textiles, lamps, blankets, long hair carpets and bedding. Do not be afraid to mix flat colors with prints of great personality.

Finally add bright touches that contrast and illuminate such a serious palette through wooden toys, ragdolls, a tipi ... Put a wall of each color and try to create contrast in any of them to illuminate the space, take the opportunity to decorate the walls with delicate details, such as the head of a rag animal , an illustrated portrait, a mirror vintage Victorian style or tropical objects.

It is a style with a lot of character, in which your children will feel very clothed, where the old and the new meets with a lot of elegance, highlights the typical architectural elements of the royal estates, such as ceilings with moldings, wooden dumps, coffered ceilings, walls full of defects and texture.

The Boho Chic bedrooms are the most magical spaces we will see today, they are the perfect story bedroom, full of corners for your son to dream big. Create a play space with a mountain of mattresses of a thousand and one prints, add old furniture and hang some muslin with garlands in a corner where your children can hide underneath.

A graphic and black and white bedroom

We would say that the graphic style is the opposite of the Bohemian Chic style, nothing of defects or texture, it is the most contemporary trend of all. The protagonists are white, black and gray along with graphic or geometric prints They are applied to all the elements of the bedroom, whether on the walls, cushions, sheets, sheets or dolls.

Although there are many decorators who choose to use only white and black, others are decided by sweeten the style and replace black with gray or add a third tone, as is the case of the image above, in which they add the color yellow.

If the floors of the Bohemian style were dark, creaking and had a worn appearance, here we see some very clear, white or even painted black wood floors. The walls are decorated with graphic vinyl with dinosaur shape, raindrop, spruce, mole or recognized fictional characters, combined with white walls with high black or gray baseboards.

The color is also applied in the bedroom lingerie, decorating beds, curtains and cushions always with black and white graphic prints. He has just outlined the space by filling it with ragdolls, blankets, sheets with rhombus, triangles and moles prints at the same time.

As we said at the beginning we will finish the design adding a little touch of bright and vivid color, whether yellow, red or pink, choose the color that your little one likes best and put it in small accessories. It is a style where the complements are the protagonists: letters that decorate shelves and floors, sweet graphic or naive-style illustrations, funny baskets and animal-shaped lamps.

Natural tones in the cozy neo-rustic bedrooms

A simple palette based on earth, gray and white tones for him look natural, a style that reinterprets, stylizes and renews the traditional and loaded rustic homes, achieving a contemporary, simple and very cozy style, where the protagonists are wood, cement, vegetable fibers and textured fabrics.

In this case the color is absent, that is to decorate we will use unpainted objects, furniture that comes with the original color, which nature gives them, whether they are natural wood toys, rough wood or polished microcement floors, beige wool carpets, organic cotton sheets, long gray hair wool blankets, wicker furniture ...

The color of the wall will be determined by the materialChoose between stone, brick, polished microcement walls and combine them with whitewashed textured walls, as you see the main colors are white, creams and earth with a touch of gray.

A style that noted for its sobriety, it is not usually recharged too much because the materials used are already extremely decorative, warm and welcoming. If in your child's bedroom there is an architectural element that you can rescue, such as brick wall or wooden beamed ceilings, take advantage of them and give them prominence. Just decorate the space by adding cotton or crochet dolls and wooden toys.

A traditional palette for a sweet and feminine style such as Shabby Chic

It is of all the styles that we have named the one we have at hand, it is the look sweeter, and feminine of all. It stands out, generally, for a palette based on white tones, earth and a third pastel color which can be red, pink or blue, although sometimes green or yellow is also used.

In this style the color is applied equally in flat tones as in prints Applied to walls, household linen and decorative objects. It stands out for its luminosity with which, the protagonist is going to be the white of the walls, although you can also use wall paper that imitates wooden soffits in white tones, combined with a wallpaper partitioned with prints of mini flowers or teddy bears. And if you are looking for a less feminine air, replace the flowers with fine stripes or moles. Use the same color range in different shades throughout the space, whether furniture and details, such as walls and floors.

The color of the floors will also be clear and bright, so we will opt for light and natural wood tones. This classic trend, as well as the neo-rustic one, is a lifelong style, which we revisit and adapt to current trends.

It's exactly the same as always but simplified, the same classic furniture of a lifetime but in less quantity or simpler, it is about the space to breathe, and that the child can run around him, in this case less is more.

The protagonists are the wooden furniture of classic lines, no matter if they are old or new furniture while they look worn, the bed and closet will be the main furniture, add a dresser, a chair and the desk, accompanied by many textured textiles, cushions and ragdolls.

White on white for the Nordic style

Designed for Scandinavian homes, they look for light and warmthThat is why the main elements of these bedrooms are white and wood, although lately a soft and discreet palette in ultra pastel tones has been added.

You can opt for he look more extreme where everything is white, even the wooden floors are painted white, white walls, white furniture, ... Or add a sweet, short and very very soft pastel palette, applied on walls, wallpaper, sheets, curtains, cushions and other decorative accessories.

Mix few colors, use a palette of three tones that are repeated throughout the bedroom, apply it in geometric prints as well as in flat colors, and distribute it with discretion in walls, lingerie and furniture. By the way, the furniture although they are also always made of wood, unlike the classic Shabby Chic furniture, these are of simpler and contemporary lines.

And with this bright Nordic style we end this post full of color and infinite possibilities, in which it is clear that there is life beyond pink and blue. Finally, one last piece of advice, if you like all styles and do not know which one to opt for, before deciding to think about what your house is like and consider its architectural features, to get the most out of any of these beautiful styles.

You will find everything you need to carry out this reform on the website of Leroy Merlin, painting walls, floor and wall coverings, wallpaper, funny vinyl, decorative accessories and furniture organizers, among many other things.

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