A room for rest, everything you need to sleep soundly

Experts say that we spent an average of 24 years of our life sleeping, reason enough to think that those hours of the night are too important as to neglect them.

Sleep is a pleasure, but also something essential for your health, so preparing your bedroom for rest is one of the most important tasks to fully enjoy your home. Today, thanks to Leroy Merlin, we want to offer you the keys to achieve a restful rest and to be able to sleep soundly.

The bed, protagonist of the bedroom

When you first enter a house, the only essential piece of furniture is a good bed, beautiful during the day, but spacious and comfortable at night. To choose it, study the proportions of your bedroom and opt for the largest model that space allows you. The larger the surface, the better the rest, especially if you sleep in company.

Invest in a good mattress that protects your back and keeps it firm. The ideal mattress will maintain the natural curvature of your spine, so you will have to choose after trying it well, at least ten minutes, for one model or another depending on your weight or posture in which you usually sleep.

Although the bed is the main piece of decoration of your bedroom, the ideal is that around you have about 40 centimeters left to place a bedside tables, basis for timely lighting and as support to leave your stuff.

Once you have thought about the most comfortable furniture, it is time to choose the bedding, largely responsible for a good rest. Choose 100% cotton fabrics, better in white or light tones that invite relaxation and add a plus of comfort by dressing it with fluffy pillows to read or relax, although the main pillow you will choose according to your sleeping posture and firmness level that you like.

Also the clothes with the sleep, either pajamas or nightgown, it is important to choose it in natural materials such as linen, silk or cotton, breathable, static anti-electricity and dust mites, avoiding synthetic fabrics or made with aggressive dyes or chemical products.

Silence, your best ally

You may have bought the best mattress, the most comfortable headboard and high quality textiles, but if your room is located in a noise zone, rest will be impossible or at least insufficient. To achieve silence in your bedroom place it in the least noisy room of the house, the one where you know that traffic or neighbors are not going to cause sleep interruptions.

Double glaze your windows or place acoustic glass on them. If the problem is the noise generated in the building itself, you can try corking or entelar the walls of your bedroom with foam in the middle, or place special plates with mineral wool that can soundproof your room.

The color of your walls, invite calm

The color of the walls of your room will influence the creation of an enveloping and peaceful atmosphere that invites you to rest. When painting the walls, choose light, soft and warm tones, beige, cream, water green, yellow or salmon, warm grays are also appropriate, and always better from a range of ecological paints.

The green color brings freshness in its most vivid tones, but it can also give great peace of mind if used in softer and drier tones. Blue and mauve colors can relax the senses more than any other. However, you have to be careful with the tone you choose, the most striking blue or purple tones can have an effect too strong for our senses. It is best to paint pastel walls like mauve, light blue or turquoise, colors that can help you fall asleep.

If you don't want to risk a lot, you can always opt for warm neutral colors To create a cozy feeling. Choose a beige or light brown tones to warm your bedroom.

He white color is always another very relaxing option, but you have to be especially careful with him. You can use shades of white like that of the eggshells or old or broken whites to keep that calming appearance without looking like the room is lifeless.

Lighting that creates relaxing atmospheres

Creating a pleasant space is not just a matter of furniture distribution or combination of materials and colors. Lighting plays a fundamental role as a creative element of environments. That is why at bedtime the lighting in your room should be as similar as possible to the evening light, low intensity and slightly reddish tone. To achieve this, use Led bulbs with a color rendering index of between 2700 to 3800 K, avoiding cold lights.

When planning the lighting of your bedroom you must take into account three types of luminaires. The most general will be a point of light on the ceiling, perfect to quickly illuminate the room. Although if you share a room, you should avoid being the only one as it can be annoying for the other person.

You can place a central ceiling lamp, if it is hanging, reserve it for rooms with high ceilings, otherwise it can be annoying. You can also count on recessed spotlights If your room has a false ceiling, very simple to install and that can be oriented wherever you want to achieve a more intimate environment.

On the other hand, and to create a more cozy atmosphere, you can use them on the bedside tables indirect lights, such as lamps with lampshade or backlight. If you want to read without disturbing the person sleeping next to you, there are individual lamps with very dim light based on LEDs with flexible arm.

Finally you can place a extra lighting, like lights inside the cabinets, halogen to highlight a painting or pointing the way to the bathroom on the floor.

Relax body and mind

The aromatherapy It is very effective in helping people relax and get a more restful rest, so use it often in your bedroom, and to a greater extent when you have trouble falling asleep. To achieve this disconnection and free yourself from stress thanks to smells that invite you to sleep and rest, we recommend you have in the room some type of device that gives off the smell of lavender, jasmine, roses or juniper.

The lavender It is the relaxing fragrance par excellence. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and it will also be a good ally to relieve your tired mind. Jasmine also has a great calming power, as does the rose fragrance.

To get these aromas in the room you can use oil burners or candles. Both products admit different presentations that can adapt very well to the decoration of your room as part of it. But if you don't want to be aware of a flame, you can buy plug diffusers that will set the room all day without any danger.

Get used to bed before take a relaxing bath accompanied by a few drops of lavender essential oilIt will help you to go to bed with your body rested and your muscles relaxed by the effect of hot water. It accompanies the bath of a warm infusion of aromatic plants such as lemon balm, valerian, chamomile, passiflora or lavender.

Create a good environment to sleep better

Use relaxing ambient music To reduce sensory stimulation, then gradually decrease visual stimuli to promote the sleep cycle, relaxing between 15 and 30 minutes before going to sleep naturally reduces that sensory stimulation.

Ventilate the room well before bedtime, will favor a good environment thanks to a greater contribution of oxygen and will allow you to better fall asleep. If this is not possible during cold weather, try to air your bedroom every morning in the morning for 10 minutes.

Keep the bedroom temperature between 15 and 18 degrees, a fresh environment favors the blood circulation to the brain favoring the induction of sleep, to control it install a thermostat in your room and thus you will always have that optimum temperature.

The humidity of the air in your room should be between the 50 and 70%. If it is smaller, the air dries out and makes breathing difficult, so you should use a humidifier, however, if the humidity exceeds 80%, the presence of mites and bacteria that can cause respiratory and dermatological problems will be favored. To know and control the degree of humidity you can use a hygrometer.

Finally, avoid electrical appliances in your bedroom, although if this is not possible try disconnecting them during the night. As you see Small gestures that you can turn into routine are enough to make your bedroom a true temple of rest. If you liked these tips on the website of Leroy Merlin you will find many of the necessary elements to implement them.

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