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Ready for Black Friday 2015? These are the participating decoration stores and their offers

The stores of decor they are waiting in 2015 with its proposals for Black Friday. We have certain forecasts in relation to what happened in previous years, but there are still few firms that have confirmed their promotions. With everything we can already give you enough important data and we will update throughout the day with all the information we know.

The English Court starts Black Friday tonight in online store with discounts up to 60%, Zara Home will have its entire website on Friday with a 20% discount and free shipping in addition to other offers ... IKEA has already talked long and hard and there are many more stores that add to Black Friday so we will continue updating with more information, but let's go one by one!

  • The English Court will give the kick off on Black Friday today Wednesday 25 at 10pm in the online store and tomorrow Thursday in physical stores. The offers will last until Saturday or until Sunday in the stores that open that day and the most important discounts will be in large and small appliances, mattresses, textiles and other home accessories reaching up to 60%.

  • Amazon It has already started with discounts since Monday, November 23, but the fat will come Friday, November 27 with flash offers that we will have to follow hour by hour. We can anticipate that there will be surprises in important pans and kitchenware companies and also in a wide selection of state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners… In addition to textile and other types of accessories.

  • IKEA It has almost forced us to do a workshop, because once again their discounts change from store to store. Although they are homogenized under the motto of up to 50%, actually in some stores stay below that limit and in others they go up to more than 70%. The selection of sale items also changes, so you have to look at store to store.

  • Zara Home This year it has happened to Pink Friday, but what matters to us is not the color, but the discounts. For him Friday we are promised 20% on the entire web With free shipping and more than 500 products with discounts of up to 40%. What we still do not know is what these products are going to be, we will be very pending to tell you all the details as soon as we have more information.

  • Cosmic This year joins Black Friday in Spain with the motto: 'Do not miss the opportunity to update your bathroom' and discounts for Friday, November 27. its discount will be 20% in a selection of products that include: DUO adhesive accessories, the entire range of products from the Saku accessories collection in gray, stone and bluish gray colors and Bath + by Cosmic B-box furniture of 60, 80 and 100 cm with resin basins. The campaign will be effective on days 27,28, 29 and 30.

  • Other companies like The Recycling They opt for the promotional code. Specifically they offer us a 25% discount using the code 'larecicleriabf'. There are more firms that follow this formula so you have to be aware of their websites and their profiles on social networks to not miss the opportunity to buy at a better price.

  • In Tien21 Black Friday discounts started already Monday and extend throughout the week. They affect appliances, image and air conditioning. The promotional products are indicated on their website with the word offer ... The bad thing is that neither the previous price nor the percentage of discount appears, which makes it a little more difficult to find out how much we are saving in each case.

  • Half markt has already confirmed that will launch its offers on the web tonight. From ten at night we will all be attached to the mobile and laptop checking catalogs to see what are the best options. With all the good thing is that at the beginning of Black Friday, in many cases, on Wednesday's blow, we have time to review the offers with a little more calm than if they were only 24 hours.

There are many data that we know about Black Friday 2015, but there are also many companies that still need confirmation, for example, of H&M Home we have information about Black Friday offers in the US, but not in Spain, although last year they used the formula of the promotional code and hopefully this year they will do the same or something similar ...

In any case, we are sure that all the information will be updated in the next few hours, so, never better said today: stay tuned to your screens!


  • Mimub joins Black Friday with promotional code 'BLACKFRIDAY' that will provide us with a 20% discount and free shipping If the purchase is more than 29 euros until November 30.

  • In Unequal We found blankets and other decoration accessories with discounts of approximately 30%. Super cool to give a happy touch and color to our home now that autumn has a little gray.

  • Conforama It has also launched its promotion with free shipping and 300 items reduced from its catalog with discounts greater than 50% in many cases, madness prices call them and from what we have seen in mattresses and small appliances are not misleading.

  • The goose It includes a special Black Friday discount of 15% on a selection of 3000 of its products, from today until November 30.

  • Bervic Decor offers the BLACKFRIDAY code to get a 10% discount on purchases on Friday 27 on all items in your collection, exclusively in your online store.

  • The code to get a 10% discount on all products today and tomorrow at Rue Vintage 74 It's BLACKFRIDAY10. They have also decided to advance Black Friday and celebrate it on Thursday, so there is no time to lose.

  • The Old Kitchen In Barcelona, ​​it also joins Black Friday with a 20% discount on all furniture and selected accessories during Friday and Saturday.

  • Habitat It also premieres its Black Friday that will last 4 days, until Monday, November 30 included. It will consist of a 20% discount in practically the entire collection, with some exceptions, and up to a 50% discount in a selection of products, only in physical stores, not online and also in the Tenerife store.

  • In Leroy Merlin, from today until Sunday, there are also discounts that are around 30% on a wide selection of products that you can check on their website.

  • Objetology He also announces his Black Friday with a 25% discount on his entire online catalog until Monday, November 30.

  • In Scandinavian Design Center They have also started Black Friday with an interesting 20% ​​discount on all products using the code SDC_BLKES20, pointed well!

  • Finally H&M Home He has taken a weekend promotion, unmarking himself from the use of the words Black Friday, as Zara Home has also done, and choosing gold for his promo ... But the important thing is that there is a fairly good selection of 50% products.

This post remains in constant revision and update from the moment of its publication until Friday 27th day in which we will have the complete information of the total offers of Black Friday

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