Blinds, Venetian and Japanese lamas, the most elegant alternatives to decorate your windows

The windows are wonderful because a lot of light comes in and you see the surroundings, but they pose a challenge: how to have a little intimacy, while regulating visibility and decorating the stay Why not try something different from curtains? There are many alternatives, as you can see with these proposals by Leroy Merlin, with very attractive and practical designs.

Blinds, versatility with multiple options

This type of folding curtains allow to regulate the passage of light even in large windows, with the advantage that they do not occupy any space and for their simplicity they decorate discreetly and elegantly, for environments that are not overloaded and ideal for any room in the house for the amount of fabrics and materials they admit, such as PVC and bamboo.

The type blinds type with rods decorate by themselves, and if you choose Plain fabrics in neutral tones, fit with any style. The prints dress the window as an essential complement to the decoration.

If you want to prevent the passage of light, a very practical solution that brings a lot of style is to use opaque and double roller blinds or folding blinds. If you sometimes look for lightness and other darkness, night and day blinds allow you to adjust the light by superimposing translucent and opaque bands. With this kind of blinds you get to give a different touch to the decoration by the contrast of fabrics, in addition to functionality.

The blinds with screen fabric are made of fiberglass or PVC coated polyester thread and are usually used when you want to avoid the passage of light and exterior visibility without giving up the interior.

A Additional advantage of the screen is that it allows you to control the temperature, It acts as an insulator because it contains a UV protection filter. It is a very frequent alternative in modern houses and also in kitchens for the ease of cleaning. It is a booming proposal for its practicality and variety of colors.

Japanese panels: a thousand and one combinations of textures and colors

Oriented to cover especially large windows, Japanese panels slide horizontally, each in parallel ways. With them you dose the luminosity and being independent cloths we can combine fabrics, for example, plain of different colors or with prints or embroidery. The result is very beautiful and prints elegance.

Something to keep in mind when deciding on one system or another is the ease with which the Japanese panels are mounted and disassembled, thanks to one velcros are removed and put in a jiffy. The multiple customization possibilities They allow you to renew a classic atmosphere and give a very contemporary look.

The Japanese panels visually lighten the space, give a sense of spaciousness, and have been imposed not only for large windows, but also to separate environments as if they were a screen or even as doors for furniture.

Venetian, light and color

For the times of the day when the sun can bother you, Venetian women are a success when you want regulate the intensity of light. It is an increasingly common option in the home for the amount of colors and materials, such as aluminum, wood or PVC, the latter especially indicated in bathrooms and kitchens for its resistance to moisture, lightness and easy cleaning .

As you see there are many alternatives to give your windows a fresh air, and on the website of Leroy Merlin you will find many more. The important thing is that you succeed with the color and thickness of the fabric depending on your aesthetic tastes and luminosity and intimacy.

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