Fireplaces and stoves: all options to heat the home

The cold is here, that time so dear to many as hated to many others. The evidence is reasonable so there is no choice but to acclimatize housing and life in general to spend the winter in the most comfortable way possible. For them the chimneys and stoves will become your most faithful allies in those days of low temperatures in which staying at home at the foot of the heat will be the best of the plans.

When we have to choose between so many options, the truth is that it is a bit complicated to know which one will be the most correct among all, but with information and these proposals from Leroy Merlin this will simply become a learning task.

First of all the most important thing is to know the following: The volume of the room you want to heat, whether there is reinstallation or not and in what state it is, the measures you have and finally the municipal regulations of the town hall of the population in which you reside. Once you know this data, you will only have to choose from a wide variety of alternatives.

Classic fireplaces

The chimneys that we all know, so typical in country houses, they have a low heat efficiency in the case of those built with refractory interiors of stone or brick since most of the calories are lost through the smoke evacuation ducts. On the other hand we have the iron inserts and homes cast that have a heat efficiency of more than 75% of the heat generated. The installation is work and as a main advantage we have the cozy and pleasant feeling, not to mention the decoration they bring to the room.

The chimneys can be brick, marble or metal. You can find them with straight or rounded lines, with shelf or woodshed, with open or closed hearth with glass ceramic ... The alternatives are many but undoubtedly the most functional are those that have enclosure, although today the most decorative are still the open ones of stone or marble or even painted in more special colors.

Metal fireplaces

The metal chimneys have a heat efficiency of between 70 and 75% of the heat generated which is a highly recommended operation. The most positive side of this type of chimneys is that they don't need any kind of work, only connection to the smoke outlet. They can be made of steel or combined steel and cast iron.

They install easily and without works. The versatility of the metal allows a great variety of designs and shapes: there are them to place attached to any wall, and also free, to have a vision of the fire on several of the faces of the chimney. Those that have a home or inserts inside keep the heat longer. Playing with the location of these we can conceive them as the center of a living room or also as an element of separation, so they are very versatile. The most fashionable are those that can be seen on all sides.

Steel or cast iron stoves

In this case the efficiency is between 70 and 80%They heat very quickly and do not need work to place them in the preferred room. By offering one great variety of designs it is much easier to find the one that suits the space and the decoration of a certain room.

Steel stoves are lighter than cast iron stoves, both quickly heat the room where they are placed. The steel stoves can be found double bottom with the interior of steel and with refractory material, which allows to accumulate and emit a large amount of heat and generate a cleaner combustion. Those made entirely of cast iron are considered very durable stoves. Both work with pruning firewood and briquettes.

We can also cook in them

Can you think of a better place than your own house to make a roast of meat or delicious roasted chestnuts? Well now in the market we also find a lot of stoves and fireplaces in which in addition to heating the house we can cook in the most traditional way.

In the upper part they incorporate a compartment that works as an oven with grill. There are to be embedded in the wall, to place between the low furniture of the kitchen or in the hollow of a fireplace and also exempt, all are of cast iron. It is an exceptional decorative idea If you have a country house or a very spacious room where you like to make meals with friends. In a rustic kitchen it can also be a great element.

Pellet and bioalcohol stoves

Pellet stoves are the most ecological and functional option with an efficiency of more than 80% of the heat generated. The key is that they use pellets, small sawdust agglomerates and logging waste as fuel. This material has an amazing calorific value, with a low emission of carbon dioxide. If you can not store firewood, but do not want to miss the pleasant atmosphere that provides fire and you are looking for a decorative alternative, the next option is your solution. The bioalcohol stoves are very aesthetic and clean although the heat efficiency is much lower than in the previous cases.

Search the web of Leroy Merlin the one that best suits your needs and start feeling that warmth of home so appreciated.

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