Plan a wellness house: colors, aromas and spaces to feel good

With our busy pace of life we ​​want to get home and enjoy it as our refuge, away from stress and daily worries. Now more than ever our home becomes very important, so that it is functional, cozy and full of peaceIn short, a place to find ourselves better and enjoy.

Everything around us influences us and manages to have an impact on our mood, hence the importance of taking care of our environment to feel good every day. Today from the hand of Leroy Merlin we bring you the keys to achieve a wellness house, that ends up becoming your refuge to escape stress.

A house with adequate colors and lights, clean and tidy, with plants that inspire peace and a great sense of well-being is not difficult to achieve. Following some simple tips you can have at your fingertips that dream house.

The premise that you will have to leave to get your wellness home is that decorating is not simply creating beautiful environments. Keep in mind that choosing the colors, shapes, sounds around you influences the mental state of the people who will live in that house, making them feel more secure, relaxed and protected, or even motivated to achieve everything Your intellectual and creative potential.

And is that your house says a lot about how you feel, how you live and how you are, so take a walk around it and ask yourself if you like what you see, what emotions each corner conveys to you and what you would modify to feel better. By answering these questions you will know at the outset what is the first thing you can change to improve it.

Your house full of positive energy

Always try search spaces without obstacles, which favor that the environment is fluid. If necessary move furniture, objects and lamps to get a tour without barriers and natural.

Decide for the symmetry that will produce positive emotions since these types of spaces are easier to assimilate, resulting in more relaxing symmetrical arrangements than those that are not. To do this, look for a focus on decoration with some main element and on it create a symmetrical image on both sides, getting very balanced stays.

Surround yourself in an organic way, that is, those curved and rounded shapes that will fill you with calm in any room, unlike the pointed shapes with edges and angles, which the brain unconsciously relates as aggressive.

An orderly house is an orderly mind

Nothing better for him personal and emotional well-being that a house in order. We only have to remember how we feel when everything is messy and it seems impossible to concentrate, instead, what we like to enjoy the home after balance and cleanliness reign in it.

Stacking things at home creates confusion, instead, in a clean and tidy space, ideas are clarified, promoting calm and tranquility. To achieve this, spend a few hours a week organizing clothes, your objects and the rooms, repair everything that has been broken and get rid of what you do not need or want.

Find storage solutions to avoid clutter. Shelves and drawers as important elements, and for small everyday objects use baskets, recycled boxes or even paper bags. Choose items that you like aesthetically, as well as practical they will be beautiful, and will make your day to day happier.

TO When ordering follow a flow of ideas so you don't miss anything. Get bags and boxes and classify the objects according to the destination you are going to give them. Select those that are broken or damaged and will be thrown away, and separate those that may have a second chance for someone who needs them.

Do not save to save, ask yourself if that object with which you are still tempted to use it regularly, if not, it might have sentimental value for you and you want to keep it, but you don't keep things "why yes", waiting for you to ever use them again.

The simplest way to avoid accumulations of useless elements is to follow the rule that if you buy something, something has to come out. This is a good way to avoid getting lots of unnecessary clothes that only break the harmony in your closets or drawers.

When you decide to save several objects, label the box or bag where you store them indicating what is inside. It will help you on future occasions if you move from home or are looking for something specific. Take advantage when the cabinets and drawers are empty to perform a deep cleaning, and even renew or place some sachet or aromatic paper to give a cool point to your storage solutions.

Playing with colors to find balance

It is scientifically proven that colors have an immediate effect on the mood of a person, colors affect the way we behave and how we feel. Therefore, the color you choose for your walls, textiles and decoration in general says a lot about the effect that your house will create on you and the rest of its inhabitants.

It is well known that bright colors encourage activity, on the contrary light colors convey peace and harmony, adding from these some brushstrokes of darker or stronger tones that give them life through the complements.

If your house has a decoration based on red, what you are achieving is that the place generates warmth of home and privacy; if the blue color is the predominant one, the feeling that your house transmits is of calm and freshness; and if the dominant color is white, then your house would infect you with purity, cleanliness and relaxation.

As you can see, depending on the mood you want to achieve, you can opt for some tones or others, so ideally, each one experience what each color transmits until it reaches the most appropriate to achieve that desired tranquility, differentiating the different shades by stays.

The importance of light

One of the most important points to achieve your wellness home is undoubtedly the environment that you can create with the light. Natural and artificial light can make your home not only a more cozy and livable place but also allows you to play with it to the point of transmitting emotions.

Usually, darkness is often associated with sadness, so if you want a healthier life, lighting and natural light must have a fundamental role when planning your home, so that its orientation manages to capture the maximum hours of sun, taking advantage of the natural light that it provides, and that later, when the night falls, you also have the optimal artificial lighting according to the type of room and the activity that you perform in she.

Inadequate light can cause discomfort when working at home and doing daily activities. Eye fatigue, tiredness, headache and stress can be some of the consequences of not having your home well lit.

For an illumination that achieves peace and calm, choose overhead and dim lights. Install effective LED bulbs that offer you a good luminous efficiency, which are also long lasting, low consumption and reproduce colors well. Halogens do too, they are of great light intensity instantaneously, but with a shorter duration than LEDs.

At night, complement the lighting of your home with the dim light of the candles, to achieve a cozy and very relaxing atmosphere.

Embrace nature to feel good

Place in your house natural elements such as plants and flowers contribute to well-being, giving a lot of life to any space and cleaning the air. The vegetation in your home will help reduce stress, favoring concentration and learning.

Choose leafy species for the living room, for the green leaf bedroom and aromatic for the kitchen. Get seasonal flowers, native species from the green areas around your home to take advantage of the best of each season. You will only need a vase with water or a basket for dried plants or branches, and you will get a little piece of nature inside your house.

Evocative aromas for a quiet home

Aromatherapy will help you create a harmonious environment in your home simply and efficiently. You can use the classic diffusers, candle lamps inside to burn essences, bags with natural herbs or impregnated in your favorite essential oil.

Place them in strategic points of your home like the bedroom, the bathroom, inside the closets or in your relaxation corner. No sophisticated elements are needed, a simple spray with water and a few drops of an essential oil will suffice to achieve it.

Essence of orange to convey joy, cedar to temper, calm the mood, or herbal oils to breathe better and lighten the environment. The days you notice more stress will serve you the classic lavender, known for its relaxing properties.

As you can see There are countless aromas that you can apply to your home to get a profit, so start using them and your house will become a very comfortable space.

Surround yourself with what you want most

It’s proven to surround you with objects or images that bring you good memories or they are inspiring increases the feeling of well-being in your home.

Also cultivating personal relationships, opening the doors of your house stimulates your emotionality. Redecorate your home with elements that allow you to welcome your family and friends, furniture such as stools, folding beds or poufs, increase the possibility of receiving guests, at the same time that it stimulates your capacity for socialization.

Reserve a space for yourself

Choose a corner of your house that you especially like and make you feel comfortable. Arrange elements that favor your rest and relaxation, such as a bench in a window, an armchair with a lamp to read your favorite works or a fluffy corner full of cushions. Decorate it with a beautiful image, evocative photographs or flowers.

Stress in it a few minutes each day, drinking a relaxing infusion or a fruit juice, and it is customary to enjoy this personal moment every day.

As you can see order and light, harmonic spaces and reinforce our emotional bonds in the home They make our house a true wellness space. If you want to achieve this environment, you have many more ideas and advice on the Leroy Merlin website, where you can get inspired for it.

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