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We have tested: Black + Decker Multievo 18V ... we have DIY Christmas tree!

As I promised you when I presented you with the "star" tools of Black + Decker a few days ago, I launched into the world of the jigsaw, by art and grace of the Black + Decker MultiV 18V. I will tell you my experience and that of everyone who passed by me, who wanted to try it.

My little sister (the giant ants and industrial decoration) had given me the can for a long time because I couldn't find a tree original enough for its exquisite decoration. I will show you in this step by step how to make a Christmas tree with some woods and MultiVeve 18V from Black + Decker.

Step 1: Charge the battery of your multitool!

This simple and logical step happened to me completely, so when I reached the mountains, where I tried the Multievo, I had to wait an hour for the battery to charge, but it was not wasted time because I took the opportunity to read the instructions well and find out how it works, the correct way to mount the jigsaw and the blade, precautions and fundamentals.

Step 2: Find some planks and prepare them for your DIY

In my case it was easy, since the Christmas tree was going to do it with the flashing remains of the new doors, that the carpenters had to leave in the garage in a bucket, well the garage with the reform looks like a warehouse of old beams full of woodworm and remains of new wood, although with the cold of winter I think that woodworm is asleep or dead, as I carefully examined the boards and new woods and saw no sign of xylophages.

If you do not have prepared woods, it is best to resort to a discarded pallet, you already remember how disassemble, clean and sand it. I explained in this other post. With clean woods, we look for another one to make it the spine of our tree and putting them all together, we draw a triangle that serves as an orientation when cutting.

It also suits number the tables not to be mistaken at the time of the paste.

Step 3: We install the saw in the Multievo 18V

It's very simple, the part of driver drill, by pressing the button indicated in the instructions and the saw attachment is introduced. Once assembled is when we introduce the saw blade very carefully. Theirs is to do it with gloves, but it slipped on me, so I took the saw blade very carefully and put it in place, pressing a lever that is what keeps it still.

Subsequently, the insurance is removed and you are ready to start cutting, with the logical precautions, the same we take when we cut with a sharp knife: Do not hold the piece in front of the cutting machine; firmly hold the piece that we are going to cut (we can use a clamp or just the hand, as I did, since the boards were very thin and the cut fast and without complications), but theirs is to use them.

Step 4: Using the jigsaw

A simple and pleasant experience. Without vibrations that I find uncomfortable or unexpected stops. I started using the tool that, being so light, is very manageable. My saint who saw me work insisted on trying it and did not want to leave it for my father to try, who also came in ** "to try the old age" **. I did not leave the dwarves, no matter how much they insisted (it is in logical precautions, children and sharp and sharp instruments, separate, please).

For adults in the family it has been a super positive experience and now we will continue with the most decorative steps.

Step 5: Sand all parts of our tree

Tell you that I missed the small hand sander that came everywhere and I tried months ago, my sander is very large and outdated so being thin boards, I decided to sand it by hand, so it took a little longer. Luckily they were little tables, so I didn't have to clean them.

Step 6: Glue the boards to the spine and make the foot of the tree

Being numbered, it was quick to paste the "branches" of the tree. Measure them and mark the center with a pencil, it would not be that "in the eyes of a good cubero", it would become a decompensated tree. Glue and let dry, it is an easy job since being the bare woods, they stuck together, just like the foot.

As decoration, the Star of Bethlehem that brought the Magi before the Infant Jesus and a garland of colored lights, no more is needed to keep the Christmas spirit and a sustainable Christmas.

The only problem is that it rains requests from family and friends to make a Christmas tree made of recycled wood ... and I'm already thinking that others DIY can I do with the Multievo 18V.

Video: Black & Decker Reciprocating Saw - 18V (January 2020).

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