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The best (and worst…) recycling ideas of 2015

Each year at Decoesfera we make a summary of the best we have published throughout the year in December. What he liked the most, what he has had the most visits ... As always it will be a series of several articles in which we will be reeling The best of 2015 by sections. Today we start with recycling, but then there will come the houses, the houses of celebrities, the before and after, DIY ideas ... And much more.

Focusing on recycling, in 2015 we have published many ideas to reuse and recycle old furniture, accessories and materials of all kinds. Some have been really crazy ideas, for example for the garden, others more sensible, but there are a lot of them interesting and worth remembering, let's go with them!

The best of 2015 recycling fruit boxes

One of the decorative elements that more are recycled are the fruit boxes, so ideas for them we have published a few this year, for example a proposal to make a bookshelf with them and also the step-by-step explanation of how to use the decoupage technique that has become so fashionable lately.

The best of 2015 in recycled lamps

Many times the recycled elements give rise to new lamps. In recent years we have verified that a lamp can be done with almost everything and in 205 we have also seen some examples, such as radios and other elements that become lamps, some of them integrated into furniture, thanks to the Recycling and made lamps with coffee machine parts that turn out to be very elegant.

The best of 2015 recycling tires

I'm not a fan of tire recycling, but I know that there are many people who love the idea and I recognize that in some cases there is nothing wrong ... We have also seen tire recycling options this year in Decoesfera, for example, to make a sink and also to make a pouf as a complement to the bedroom or living room.

The best of 2015 in Halloween recycling

Recycling also has its thematic versions and is of special interest at certain times of the year. In particular on Halloween, just over a month ago, we saw several ideas for making recycled ornaments, some original and funny mummy lanterns and also some false pumpkins painted with the technique of chalk paint and created from cans and cans.

The worst in recycling of 2015

And as promised is debt here goes too the worst of recycling we have seen this year, the most controversial articles and in which it is difficult for us to agree because we already know that about tastes there is a lot of writing, but nothing definitive ... We remember the 11 examples that show that in decorative recycling not everything is valid and 13 examples that put I state that not everything that is done with pallets is cuqui.

And so far our selection today, as they say, stay tuned to their screens, because in the next few days we will be taking the best of 2015 of each and every one of our decorative sections.

Video: More than 180 recycle ideas (January 2020).

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