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How is the decoration of your Christmas tree? the question of the week

Last weekend, bridge for many, was for most the moment chosen to place the Christmas tree at home. I have already seen a lot of photos of trees on social networks, but I'm curious to know how yours are. While most people opt for a fairly traditional style, there are minimalist, Nordic, DIY ... So we would like to know:

How is the decoration of your Christmas tree?

I guess it depends a lot on how the family is, usually if there are children at home the tree is usually bigger, because they like it like this ... If there are only adults the size of the tree decreases because if it is smaller it is more practical, easier to put on and take off, the natural one is already seen in a few houses, although it is still maintained in some already I love ... I said, tell us what is your choice in our answers section.

Last week's question: Advent calendar purchased or DIY?

Last week our question also referred to Christmas, but in particular to the Advent calendar, the question was whether you bought it or did it for yourself and the most valued response was that of anabg2:

I do it, although this year is repeated. Last year I found on a website some beautiful houses that I printed, cut and pasted, and filled them with sweets and small things that made my children very excited, although they are no longer children. This year I took them out again and we have already started again! The odd days one opens, the other the other. And this year I asked them to fill in a small house in each series with a gift from each other, a maximum of 2 euros. The time they spend thinking about the other is worth more than the gift itself. Happy Advent!

Next Wednesday, as usual, we will publish a new question along with the most valued answers chosen among those that you have left in our answers section.

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