A bright and modern kitchen: white furniture is a trend

The kitchen has become the most social space in the house, it is also a place to cook and eat, an area where to share a wine with the guests while you have just prepared dinner or learn as a family that recipe that you like so much ... And the kitchen is the true heart of the home.

If you are thinking of renewing this space, today we bring you, with Leroy Merlin, the best proposals and tips for decorate a bright and contemporary kitchen with white furniture.

Blank walls to illuminate your kitchen

There are many advantages of white kitchens, the first is that provide luminosity and increase the feeling of space, so if you have a small kitchen, white is your best option. No matter the material, whether it is paint suitable for kitchens, wood or tiles, your blank walls will illuminate the room.

If you use textured materials such as wood or brick paint them white, or even use wall papers suitable for cooking, you will be able to make the atmosphere more cozy and warm, in addition to creating the kitchen of the moment.

Furniture distribution for a bright kitchen

We will take advantage of the space properly distributing your kitchen furniture to be as wide and bright as possible. If you have a square kitchen, it is best to use a U-shaped furniture distribution.

But if your kitchen is rather elongated and narrow, use only one wall to have furniture up and down in light and bright tones, this will help decrease the feeling of having a tube and dark kitchen.

However, yes the kitchen is elongated but not so narrow distributes the cabinets in the form of 'L'. In any case, it gives prominence to the window, and in the partition where no closet is added, so that the light can spread and sneak in every corner.

Dare with a white floor

The disadvantage of light colors is that defects are seen more in them, spots, dirt and damage are more evident. A priori It seems that it is a daring to place a white floor in a workspace, unless you spend all day cleaning.

However, at present there are very bad and easy to clean soils where the defects are not so obvious. You can use a white stained polished microcement floor, although another very cozy option is to install a white painted wooden floor or vinyl floors that mimic extra light wood. These three options hide a lot and are a trend.

If the extra white color seems too cold, you can always use beige, cream or pearly shades, which will give the same feeling of spaciousness and luminosity and add to the environment that warmth you miss.

Decorative elements that illuminate

Do not limit yourself to using white furniture, apply this tone along with its entire range of accessories and small accessories. Decorate a wall cloth with shelves full of small appliances and white kitchen pots and of different materials.

Combine these objects with glass elements or pieces with metal finishes, they all reflect the light with what will illuminate the space, they are also perfect for decorating. If you have aluminum finished appliances you will see that they look great combined with white.

White ceramic is another of the materials of the moment, they are beautiful placed in the furniture or white kitchen walls. Mix modern and old dishes, decorate with plates, cups and soup dishes, the result is beautiful.

Add a touch of color

If it seems too monotonous or cold so white in the same area, a way to add life to such a white space, is adding small touches of color that contrast with so much light. You can do it through plants, nothing gives more joy to a kitchen than plants, and if they are also aromatic you will be able to fill it with aroma and improve the taste of your recipes.

And for contemporary kitchens with simple and modern lines, why not paint a small wall of a bright color, emerald green, canary yellow or red? Although if you are looking for a rather Nordic cuisine then use pastel shades such as yellow, salmon or blue.

You can apply the color both on the wall and on a section of tiles, on the floor, in the accessories, in a closet, on the table or in large appliances, put it only in two or three elements maximum, so as not to overload .

For example, design the classic and cozy Nordic kitchen with white wooden floors and with a pink stick fridge next to some kitchen rags printed in pastel colors that use the same range of colors as the fridge.

White furniture combined with wood or metal for warmth and contrast

If you do not have space problems and what you are looking for is a cozy and current kitchen, the combination of the moment is, whether you are looking for a Shabby Chic or contemporary kitchen, for a loft industrial or Nordic, mix white furniture, solid wood countertops and metal appliances together with a touch of black applied to walls or floors.

The floors can be polished microcement natural color, white or black, although another option is widely used hydraulic tile floors or raw natural wood, no matter the tone, choose depending on the style of the kitchen.

The objective is add texture and materials in a subtle way, brick walls, wood or microcement floors, metal and copper for appliances and small accessories that contrast with white cabinets. Using all these elements you will add warmth and create a sober, elegant atmosphere with masculine brushstrokes, a look Ideal for open kitchens.

With all these examples you have surely found the inspiration to transform this area of ​​your home into the perfect bright and modern kitchen. You will find more ideas, materials and products to carry out this project on the website of Leroy Merlin.

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