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Bethlehem, traditional or with new materials and design? the question of the week

One more week Our Wednesday question focuses on Christmas decoration. In particular, today it is the turn of the nativity scene. In line with all types of nativity scenes and curious that we published last Monday, we would like to know:

Bethlehem, traditional or with new materials and design?

The point is that a few years ago the nativity scenes in every house at Christmas were the same, porcelain for the elderly and plastic to play children, but always with the same style and design. Not now, now there are versions of nativity scenes for all tastes and manufactured in a thousand different materials, so we would like you to tell us in the answers section how is yours and if it is traditional or not.

Last week's question: How is the decoration of your Christmas tree?

Last week we also asked you about Christmas decoration but on that occasion we focused on the type of tree. Today we stay with Christmas decorations of reader- and aiguanova respectively:

Instead of tree I buy some fir branches and distribute them around the house. In the dining room and in the hall, with balls and pineapples in a traditional plan. I have them sprig some twigs to hang them from the entrance door along with some ornament. I don't put a crown on the door.

Ours is a dry fig tree branch, it is natural and we can use it year after year. We decorate it with small led lights, large transparent glass balls and a little something. It is simple, delicate and original, ... also does not take up much space.

Remember that if you want that your answer is published next Wednesday along with a new question you must leave it in the corresponding section.

In Decoesfera Answers | Bethlehem, traditional or with new materials and design?
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Video: Lot Lot Shopping For The Perfect Christmas Lantern - Parol : The Philippines (January 2020).

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