7 DIY decorative details for an election night

On Sunday it's time to go vote and reflective and political issues aside, many are pending until the first results are known and many of us have gathered with family or friends.

The ones that celebrate election nights the most are the Americans, so I thought that as soon as we start celebrating any American party, be it Halloween or Thanksgiving, democracy must always be celebrated, regardless of political ideals, so we can also make a Elections party with all the details, but in the purest style ... Spanish.

Prepare your own urn

A shoe box that you don't need will be perfect. Have prepared some ballots taken from the polling station in the morning and that each guest place their bets, this time nothing of secrecy, to see if you have a level political analyst between you. If you find it more fun, put some dummy ballots with invented matches Let's see which one is the most voted.

Simply line or paint your box with chalk paint, make it a slot and even put a classic "vote", as chairman you will not have. Place it at the entrance of your house with a list of the guests.

Fan garlands

I would tell you that you have flags with the colors of the flag in any neighborhood bazaar but that is too much for my taste and we do not go to the bulls, so I propose a garland with fans. Here you can choose the colors you like best, those of the flag, those of your Autonomous Community or those of your city ... the fact is that the fans remain apparent.

I leave you the link of a tutorial of The House that Lars built, so you do not miss detail.

Balloons in the corners

What is it an election night without balloons? We return to play with the colors that represent us, but a good bunch of helium balloons attached to a chair or simply, loose with ribbons around the room gives a very festive air.

A red and yellow table

The Americans fill the whole house with stars and their traditional colors white, blue and red. Do you dare to fill your table with the Spain flag colors? Red and yellow carnations for centerpieces or in tall vases and a red tablecloth with a yellow table runner. You can do it with pinocchio paper rolls of those who sell for crafts.

If you prefer to be more subtle and take advantage of the Christmas time, you can always make centerpieces with red and gold balls. It will give your election night a little dot of Christmas glamor.

Colored paperware

Red and yellow napkins in the corners of the table and stacks of plastic or paper cup also in the same colors. Since it is an election night and the next day we have to go to work, we cannot stay until late to pick up, the best thing is use paper or plastic plates, I do not think you find them with the flag, but surely in the colors that interest us.

The most traditional food

The last and not least, in fact certain that some of your guests find the most important thing of the night, the food of your buffet. Banderillas, potato tortillas, empanadas de bonito or carne or midnight, are some of the picotón things you can do for your electoral party. If you also add some sources of Iberian, some bread with tomato and some shots of gazpacho, the menu can not be ours.

The easiest will be the pstres, you can assemble your candy bar based cupcakes like these that Jessica Cakes made for the Spanish team, but they serve us very well for tonight. You can also find cakes and cookies and encourage them to make them yourself with fondant dyed with food coloring. Here you will find the step by step of Teresa's desserts for the M & M's cake.

Election Cookies We have no less bad! But look at what I found from the last elections in the US.

Let's not forget drinks

As for the drink, receive your guests with these fun mini-bars of very fresh beer and have several prepared punch bowls With sangria, water from Valencia. Do not believe that it has been easy to find a red and yellow drink, only at Iron Man's children's parties do they have them.

Some zinc barreños with ice for soft drinks and albariño. Don't miss the spanish cava so that all regions are represented, it is already known that it unites us much more than it separates us and, in case we have to celebrate the results or provide for us, which is the most important.

Do you dare to celebrate a elections party, in the purest Spanish style? What else would you put for decorate an election night?

Video: 10 Small Box Room Bedroom Design Ideas (January 2020).

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