Masters of the Reformation 9; when they finally remove the gotelé covering it (not scratching), when Lorenzo Castillo is your client and three outdoor spaces to decorate in the disposal test

Program nine or the semifinal of Master of the Reformation 9 He brought us some news to the usual format and, above all, great collaborators.

To a program to finish, the eight contestants received in the second test the exciting visit of some relatives - and even the dog of Alex who was shocked to see that - "he has forgotten about me" and that he gave us great moments-, and also in test two, one of the most important interior designers in the country, Lorenzo Castillo became the client himself, who had to reform / rehabilitate an old shed or garage as a guest house.


The first test between the four semifinalists - we remember the young and cheerful Noemí and Alex, the twins Albert and Iván; the architects Antonio and Elisa; and José and Iratxe face a wall with gotelé to smooth, and paint.

This time, the technique to remove the drip will be to cover it with two layers of plastering and then paint it. A simpler technique than traditional sanding until smoothing and that makes more sense when time is pressing.

The technique as detailed by Carolina also implies "sanding less so less dust is generated" a great advantage.

The test challenge is to achieve a good finish and achieve a more or less rapid drying for which they had fans.

Surprisingly Alex and Naomi win, even the twins, because the former have reaped the best straightening.


Thus, among them they decide that Naomi be the head of the work for the second test and choose Antonio and Elisa as a couple (they clearly decide with their hearts to the friendly couple in front of a strong couple).

The blue team is formed by Elisa, Antonio, Alex and Noemí (work manager) and the green team was made up of the twins and Jose and Iratxe.

On this occasion, the test consists of transform and rehabilitate for Lorenzo Castillo, one of the best interior designers and antique dealers in the country, a garage house in a guest house to your liking. That is, wallpaper from top to bottom, (ceiling included) and choosing among the furniture and accessories old pieces (which were among new furniture).

Abroad, they have the indications of a renowned landscape designer who gives them the guidelines of the needs of the space where they have to recover doors and windows, create a terrace and make a path with plants.

On this occasion of the elimination test, only one couple will be released, so the judges make it clear that they would value the work in pairs.

In the green couple conflicts begin. The twins want to take advantage of the circumstance to distribute tasks separately and secure their place in the final, but this creates a conflict with Iratxe.

In addition also Ivan and Alberto argue about a stick for painting? somewhat unpleasantly. The works, as expected, are better outside than inside, where the tiling of the bathtub is choked (partly to the type of natural and irregular tile) that makes Naomi lose a lot of time (he gets to lift it twice before the indications of Carolina ), despite which the result was disastrous and also did not finish this work.

They were only praised for the wallpaper, and for the good choice of furniture. According to Alex (who chose them) one of the criteria for doing so was the weight of the pieces.

Out the result was very good with the beautiful terrace decking, the path with well placed plants and the good choice in the color of the windows and doors.

The result of the interior was this.

Logically, the entire blue team went to the expulsion test and the jury chose the twins as first finalists for the final (they got rid of the expulsion test for their good work)


A spokeswoman Bibi Andersen was yesterday's guest. On this occasion the three containers had to represent three different outdoor spaces.

An urban terrace (overlooking the rooftops of Paris) that Jose and Iratxe were in charge of; an Andalusian patio for the Sevillians Antonio and Elisa and a terrace in a house in the country for Noemí and Alex.

Choosing container

The jury asked that it be designed based on a sketch and they put a little "cane" on Jose and Iratxe asking for more work and not just decorative work (don't leave the blank wall asking Tomás Alia).

To the other few indications and the uneven result. The final test was very stressful for Iratxe and José, the latter was very upset with the comments that destabilized him losing confidence.

Naomi and Alex worked well. Their space had a spectacular vertical garden (carry the outside inside), and they chose very appropriate furniture and materials.

In my opinion, the great nonsense was that of Antonio and Elisa who opted for a floor and a mid-height plinth in gray, gray? An Andalusian patio? with a small valance of hydraulic style tiles. The jury during the execution was asking for more color, but in the end they didn't get so much gray. The most heard in relation to its space was "the courtyard of a funeral home".

The urban terrace of Jose and Iratxe opted for everything black what the jury criticized harshly because it is also a style that they have already seen. It seems that José always takes everything to his land. Despite that, Bibiana recognized that it was the space they liked best, but José and Iratxe were on the tightrope.

Alex and Naomi deservedly won that they are going to the final, a couple that besides having good vibes, have had a spectacular progression worked hard and also Alex has an eye to choose pieces.

Finally the jury expelled Antonio and Elisa (in my opinion deservedly) but they went with a prize because Tomás Alía offered Antonio work in his studio.

So the tears were also joyful.

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